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Fitzsu carries a great selection of modern silverware sets and modern sterling silver cutlery knives, forks, spoons and serving pieces. The patterns offered here were hand selected by Su and Fitz and are all within the modernist esthetic. The collection of contemporary silver flatware ranges from modern cutlery with modern designs to unadorned sleek, straight or curvy shapes by the world's leading designers and manufacturers including Alessi, Sambonet, mono, Pott, and other modern silverware companies.

Every culture has its unique way of dining, so we have created 5 piece place settings, not based on how foreign companies group their knives forks and spoons, but on how Americans eat and purchase their silver cutlery. A five piece place setting of each of Fitzsu's modern silver cutlery was put together by Fitz and Su to make your selection convenient. A Fitzsu 5 piece set of silver flatware typically consists of a table knife, table spoon, table fork, dessert or salad fork and tea spoon. Table items are sometimes called dinner knife, dinner spoon and dinner fork. When deciding on what modern silver dinnerware you want, comparing the different 5 piece place settings will give you an idea what the cost is per person per silverware set. However, you are not obligated to buy the flatware in place setting sets and Fitzsu offers its silver cutlery in pieces.

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Fitzsu specializes in the modern style. Architects have long designed modern silverware specifically for projects they have built. The majority of the designs are available to the public and Su and Fitz have gathered a collection of modern sterling silver and silver plate knife, forks and spoons from around the world for individuals who care about design. Many of these modern silver cutlery place settings are considered the best ever to be produced. Naturally the quality of our modern silverware is of the same standard. The modern cutlery available at is produced in 925 sterling silver or silver plate.

Each customer is special to Fitz and Su and if you want a personalized, boutique experience, then you have come to the right place to buy your modern silver cutlery. We understand that you like shopping in the comfort of your home, but if you have a question, want advice on design or choosing your silverware, or want a status on your order, Fitz and Su are here to answer the phone at 323.655.1908, Monday - Saturday, 9 - 5, just like a boutique store.

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