Norman Foster Desk Set

A work of art in its own right...

each of the Helit Foster desk accessories, designed by Norman Foster, is the perfect compliment to a desk of the same high quality standards. The high quality materials used to manufacture the Helit desk accessories are sensuous and luxurious to touch while visibly evoking executive status. A set can be individually arranged and placed freely on the desk or fitted into the aluminum rail of the elegant Helit Foster writing mat. The functionality of the Helit products allows you to work simply yet pleasurably. Each piece can be closed with a discrete smooth surface cover. The cover can be slotted underneath, allowing access to the contents and hence the practical use of the products. What was previously simply a cube is now transformed into a clock, pens are to hand, and like magic, notepaper raises ready for use out of its box. Designed by Norman Foster, whose work ranges in scale from Hong Kong airport, the largest construction project in the world- to the design of a door handle. The values behind every project are identical regardless of scale. The Helit Foster series continues this philosophy, bringing ergonomic, aesthetic, and tactile qualities to the elements of the workplace environment.


  • Norman Foster Desk Pad
    Norman Foster Desk Pad $165.00
    Size: 27.5" W | 19.7" L
    Material: Aluminum | Plastic
    Ships: Next Bus Day
    Sku: h5801394
  • Norman Foster Filing Tray
    Norman Foster Filing Tray $42.00
    Size: 11.7" W | 14.3" L | 2.25" H
    Material: Plastic
    Ships: Next Bus Day
    Sku: h5800188
  • Norman Foster Stapler
    Norman Foster Stapler $145.00
    Size: 4.75" L| 2" W | 2.25" H
    Material: Aluminum
    Ships: Next Bus Day
    Sku: h5802294
  • Norman Foster Paper Clip Holder
    Norman Foster Paper Clip Holder $72.00
    Size: 4.5" W | 1.5" H | 1.75 L
    Material: Aluminum
    Ships: Next Bus Day
    Sku: h5800894
  • Norman Foster Business Card Holder
    Norman Foster Business Card Holder $165.00
    Size: 4.5" W | 2.5" H 8.3" L
    Material: Aluminum
    Ships: Next Bus Day
    Sku: h5801594
  • Norman Foster Magazine Case
    Norman Foster Magazine Case $30.00
    Size: 10" W | 12.5" H | 3.75" deep
    Material: Plastic
    Ships: Next Bus Day
    Sku: h5800488
  • Norman Foster Trash Can
    Norman Foster Trash Can $100.00
    Size: 16" H | 10" Dia
    Material: Plastic | Aluminum
    Ships: Next Bus Day
    Sku: h5802194
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    Norman Foster
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