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Fitzsu's modern glass selections offers you a comprehensive look at contemporary glassware from which to choose. The patterns offered here were hand selected by Su and Fitz and are all within the Modernist esthetic. If you are looking for modern patterns cut into the crystal, straight forward martini glass, or a minimal glass you can use every day, you will find it here, from stemware to tumblers. Our selection includes but is not limited to modern glassware from Alessi, Rosenthal, Iittala, Design House Stockholm, Arnlofo di Cambio and Holmegaard.

Typical modern barware consists of a cordial or shot glass; old fashion for small straight-up drinks; double old fashion for straight-up, iced or mixed beverages; high ball for tall mixed drinks; cocktail or martini glasses; and sometimes specialty alcohol glasses like vodka glasses. Some barware may also include glasses for wine and champagne.

Modern stemware is glasses with stems. Each different glass within one pattern has a unique use either as a red glass, white wine glass, beer glass, champagne flute, cordial glass, cocktail glass and water glass. Modern stemware can be very specific. Fitzsu has unique wine glasses specifically for Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. But Fitzsu also offers great multi-purpose wine glasses that work wonderfully with all wines red and white.

Fitzsu also carries modern drinking glasses for using every day that is dishwasher safe and in different colors. Modern tall drinking glasses and small juice glasses make up the assortment of Fitzsu's modern drinkware selection for every day.

mouth-blown crystal glassware

Fitzsu's curated collection of modern glassware, dinnerware and flatware has made it the destination for brides and grooms looking for an exclusive modern gift registry to start their new modern lifestyle together.

Each customer is special to Fitz and Su and if you want a personalized, boutique experience, then you have come to the right place to buy your modern glassware. We understand that you like shopping in the comfort of your home, but if you have a question, want advice on design or choosing your glasses, or want a status on your order, Fitz and Su are here to answer the phone at 323.655.1908, Monday - Saturday, 9 - 5, just like a boutique store.

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