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If food is an art form, tableware is its frame—the showcase that displays the culinary efforts to nourish your loved ones. Fitzsu has just the right collection of contemporary dinnerware to help you create special mealtime memories. From classic all-white plates to modern design patterns and a full range of geometric and organic shapes, we feature your favorite international designers and manufacturers, including iittala, Tsé et Tsé, Rosenthal, Furstenberg, Alessi and Royal Copenhagen.

Modern living is about celebrating your life. Light up your dinner table with the saturated colors of Tsé et Tsé’s Ouzbek porcelain plates or spice up your gazpacho with iittala's Dewdrop glass bowl. Add a touch of panache to your next party with Sieger by Furstenburg’s “Emperor's Garden” collection or Irezumi’s modern dinnerware embellished with Japanese tribal tattoo designs. If you’re looking for a more classic look, Alessi’s All-Time dinnerware made from bone china offers a simple elegance that will never go out of style.

In addition to our impressive collection of porcelain and contemporary dinnerware, we also have curated five-piece place settings that eliminates the need to buy items separately or in traditional sets that may not fit your modern lifestyle. A stunning example is the five-piece Rosenthal Moon dinnerware set, which includes a salad plate, dinner plate, cereal bowl, coffee cup and matching saucer. Other sets, such as the Rosenthal Tac 02, include a tea cup, while more casual place settings contain mugs. Best of all, our modern dishes and stoneware are sold by the piece, allowing you to the freedom to customize your dream table.

Each customer is special to Fitz and Su and if you want a personalized, boutique experience, then you have come to the right place to buy your modern dinnerware. We understand that you like shopping in the comfort of your home, but if you have a question, want advice on design or choosing your dishes, or want a status on your order, Fitz and Su are here to answer the phone at 323.655.1908, Monday - Saturday, 9 - 5, just like a boutique store. Fitzsu also has a sample program. Narrow your decision to up to 3 dinnerware sets, and Fitzsu will allow you try them out at home, at the dining table where you will use them.

Please call us 323.655.1908 if you need assistance picking out your modern dinnerware and ask about our sampling program.

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