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Every Bulthaup Kitchen showroom in the world is appointed with a carefully curated selection of dinnerware, flatware, glassware and other kitchen accessories that compliment and complete the kitchen. The Bulthaup kitchen combines European craftsmanship with state-of-the-art manufacturing of great precision.  They expect no less from the appliances they install nor the cookware and tableware they put in their showroom cabinets.  The items below reflect the modern kitchen accessories you will find in a Bulthaup showroom and that should be in your Bulthaup kitchen.  Like the Bulthaup kitchen, these kitchen accessories are the best in design and in function. Fitzsu provides the Balthaup showroom accessories such as the white Rosenthal Studio Line dinnerware, mono -a flatware, John Pawson accessories, Pawson's Demeyere cookware, modern glassware, kitchen knives and more. 

Please call us at 323.655.1908 if you need assistance picking out your modern Bulthaup kitchen accessories and ask about our sampling program.

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