We All Could Use a Warm Hearted Pillow Sometime

Su clutching cherry pit filled fabric heart from the black forrest

When we lost our 12.5 year old Schnauzer early in October, we had no idea how profound his loss would be.   Those who shopped at our Melrose store were always greeted by our little gentleman with a black mustache.  He walked and worked by my side almost every day of his life.

Placing Raumgestalt cherry pit heart in microwaveIn 2004, he even caught the attention of LA Magazine who named him “Top Shop Dog” for his kind welcome, sweet behavior and good looks, no doubt. He was a treasure, that one-of-a-kind love, loyalty, and pure joy that lives with your forever.  So when we found out that he had lymphoma and his days were numbered, our canine caring friends and neighbors bravely came out to say goodbye and then to surrounded us with their warm hearts and continuous support to fill the void after.

Placing Raumgestalt heart in freezerI don’t know how we would have managed the loss without their love and understanding of our sorrow. To thank them we found this soft heart-shaped cotton pillow filled with cherry pits made in the Black Forest.  I personally wanted one for myself, something warm and soft to hold onto.  You heat the Heartwarmer in the oven or microwave to comfort your pain or chill it in the freezer to cool your thoughts.

Handmade cherry pit pillow by Raumgestalt GermanyIt just seemed like the perfect gesture.  If Otto were to have a purpose in our lives beyond teaching us to live in the moment and always be happy, then it was to show us how precious our relationships are and that we should always be appreciating them. To warm your own heart, offer condolences, say I love you, or give thanks to those who are there when you need them, you can find a heartwarmer in our on line shop.