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The Dinner Time dome in the shape of a chicken is a most unique way to keep warm and serve poultry. I could not refuse this one for her Thanksgiving dinner. Not to be limited to just poultry, though, the dome covers many things and is not as fragile as it may seem as it is made of borosilicate glass. Mouth-blown glass is unique in that the unpredictable nature of molten glass and its blower create characteristics in the finished product that make it unique, not flawed. Secondome is a Rome based design company and gallery that produces works from acclaimed designers. What we like most about Secondome is that a new product launch is really the opening of a new exhibition for which the product was made. All products are hand-made, signed, and made to order for Fitzsu.
11.75 in. H x 13.75 in. Diam.
Borosilicate Glass
Ben Cabelli
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