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The One Laptop Per Child (also called the $100 laptop) represents a new type of socially responsible design. This revolutionary child-size laptop, brings learning, information and communication to children where they need it the most: in developing countries. The OLPC is designed as a compact, durable, and yet expressive product. When closed, the entire unit is sealed, protecting it from dust and dirt, and when it is opened, it has a whimsical and tactile richness, with the Wi-Fi antennas (also called Rabbit Ears) giving the OLPC a character like personality. OLPC on Steroids is an artistic piece based on the Playsam Streamliner toy car. The simple, wooden iconic shape has been transformed by Yves Bhar. Original parts from models created during the OLPC design process revamp the toy. Black legs fixed into the rear wheel base project the body up and out with a sense of kinetic urgency. The OLPC Rabbit Ears occupy the front wheel base on an axis, allowing for movement similar to its usage in the $100 laptop. Though affixed to a base, OLPC on Steroids looks as if it ready to pounce, the subtle details animating the car, prepared to take flight. Yves Bhar is the founder of the San Francisco-based design studio fuseproject. Bhars design strategy involves focusing on the emotional experience of the user and communicating it through storytelling. fuseprojects recent clients include Herman Miller, Swarovski, MINI, Nike, Toshiba, Sony, Birkenstock, Target, OLPC, Magis and Coca Cola. Bhars work has been featured in two solo shows in 2004one at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and another at the Muse de design et darts appliqus contemporains in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is also a recipient of numerous design awards, including the prestigious National Design Award for industrial design, awarded by the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian National Design Museum. Mr. Behar was design leader at frogdesign and Lunar Design before founding fuseproject. He is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena
Yves Behar
Yves Behar and Playsam
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