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Furstenberg is one of the oldest and most renowned porcelain manufacturers in Europe. Furstenberg china is famous for creating classic porcelain designs decade after decade. The companies work with Wilhelm Wagenfeld produced model German design by the Bauhaus master. Furstenberg continues its dinnerware porcelain classics with its Central Park china pattern. At Furstenberg every handle on a cup or coffee pot is decorated by hand, every dinnerware plate is formed and boned in a traditional manner and bear the made in German mark. This means that each piece of Furstenberg porcelain contains a little bit of personality; reflected in the carefully modeled relief, complex open work, and extreme sensitivity used in applying the pattern. This also applies to a craft Furstenberg has always upheld in which they train their apprentices: Hand painting, the classic art of porcelain finishing. This makes Furstenberg one of the few tableware manufactures that still offer hand painted dinnerware. You can buy Furstenberg porcelain online or at our Fitzsu store located in Los Angeles, California. Fitzsu receives shipments directly from Furstenberg Germany, so if you do not see it here please contact us by phone for a special order.
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