Two modern white coffee mugs, one with the letter F and on with the letter S
Detail of the tainless steel cookware from iittala
Hand painted white dinnerware from denmark
Handmade mono -t flatware with teak handles


Since 2000, Fitzsu has been more than just a retailer of modern home accessories; we are design aficionados committed to the principle of “Living Design.” We believe the best place to sell home accessories is from a home. We use our products in our daily lives, demonstrating firsthand how each can beautify and enhance your quality of life. Not merely on display, our modern home and kitchen accessories prove their mettle in the environment for which they were crafted.


Witness the countdown to launch our new website into cyberspace featuring the products we sell.

Featured products, iittala Teema Dinnerware, mono -a flatware, iittala aarne glasware and stelton oil lamps Table top accessories by Architect John Pawson for When Objects Work Featured products include Sambonet Gio Ponti Flatware, iittala dinnerware and Menu table accessories


We are always trying to find new ways to show how great the products are that we sell. The simplest way is often the best, just showing you how they work. In 2012 we began setting our dining room table every month with the various tabletop accessories we sell. We throw a little dinner party for friends and photograph the results. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Two heart shaped pillows and 2 puppies Fitz, Su and Dot Com board their bespoke Fitzsu je.t Fitz, Su and Dot Com enjoy the products they sell during a picnic.


While curating our collection of home accessories, we visit factories and artists’ studios worldwide, in order to discuss artistic vision, methods of production, and insights into the world of modern design. Each of the items we sell has a story, and we have created a shopping experience as unique and remarkable as they are. These are objects we personally use in all aspects of life: in cooking, entertaining, work, and play. In our Blog, we bring you into the conversation, and demonstrate the rigorous process involved in curating our modern design product collection.