April Table of the Month

20-70% off. Get some great deals on holiday figurines and overstocked items in kitchen, home and office accessories.

Fitzsu was created by Fitz & Su after their own wedding. Fitzsu’s Wedding Registry focuses on Modern Design Accessories, because Modern Design Accessories is all Fitzsu sells.

Be inspired by these tables settings with the finest design options for entertaining.  Every month you will find new combinations and creative uses for all things available at Fitzsu.

Find the perfect modern dinnerware pattern for you. Offered at Fitzsu are some of the finest designs and porcelain manufactures from around the world hand picked by us, Fitz and Su

Many of the great Architects have designed modern flatware for the interior of the buildings. Gathering a collection from around the world Su & Fitz present the best here.

A truly classic modern table is set sterling silver. Fitzsu offers many of the best contemporary silverware ever produced from the best manufacturers anywhere on earth.

Su and Fitz offer a comprehensive selection of modern glassware, because no one should drink Champagne out of the wrong glass.

Modernist are foodies and cooking is an art to be enjoyed. So even if you do not have a Bulthaup Kitchen you will feel like real Chef with the modern knives found here.

If you think a pot is just a pot, take a look at Fitzsu’s modern cookware collection, most of which have been tested by Su personally.

Entertaining with friends is one of the joys of life, so when you do, do it right. Feast your eyes on some of the most unquiet serving pieces available.


Su is a serious cook. Cooking is a creative process and Su does it every chance she gets. The kitchen accessories for sale here can also be found in use at Fitz and Su’s home.

Making the proper cup of Tea or Coffee is a ritual that cannot be ignored. Modern designers have found many unique solutions to this tradition.


Su and Fitz are Modernist to the core of their bones. The modern home accessories for sale here can often also be found in their own home.

One of the greatest luxuries of the modern world is the modern bathroom. More Spa than water closet, modern design has taken the experience to a new level of comfort.

According to Fitz no modern house is a home without a bar. The social act of having a drink has been around a long time and it will never end.


The modern home brings the outside in the inhabitants outdoors, so it is only natural for Su and Fitz to have plenty of modern outdoor accessories.


Modernism by design is efficient and effective. Therefore the office may be its most effective place of application. See how it is done here.

Classic modern Wall, Desk, Table, Travel and Alarm Clocks from leading Architects and Designers in history.

Frank Lloyd Wright said “Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves.” Why not start with your personal accessories.

Just because they are called toys does not mean they are for children. The path to staying young is clear. Third star to the left, and straight on 'til morning ...

Many modernists don’t have kids and many of our four legged friends benefit greatly from this, like Otto the loyal companion of Fitz & Su.

Everyone knows someone who is hard to buy for or has it all. No stranger to this predicament, Su & Fitz present the perfect gift solutions here.

Fitz and Su don’t just sell products by the world’s leading Designers, they know them. Here Fitz speaks with Architect Vincent Van Dysen in Paris.

Visiting the factories of the brands they sell is not enough, Su and Fitz actual make the products. Here Su works on a piece of Mono flatware in Mettmann, Germany.

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